Seis Enchaconado for solo violin

Che opera in two acts (in progress)

Holbein Dances for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Not a Real Catastrophe (Like Katrina) for solo piano

Neruda Enamorado for soprano and piano

Otoño for alto saxophone and piano

Dispatches from the Anthropocene for wind ensemble

Akhmatova for four solo voices (SSAA) and wind symphony

Once More We Saw The Stars for orchestra

Nadie puede dar lo que no tiene for Pierrot Plus

Los Caprichos for flute, clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, piano, violin and cello

Mix Tape for solo double bass

Tusch for violin and loops

Hidden Zen for solo piano

Calm Down, Ringo! for four drum sets

Monuments for two pianos

August Dramas (string quartet no. 1)

Ludi for two string quartets

Action Figure for Pierrot Plus

Crudely Spun Tales for alto sax and harp

A Play of Mirrors for saxophone quartet

Lullabies for baritone, clarinet and piano


The Books of Bokonon for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin and double bass

Wide Open Spaces for Pierrot Plus

Semblance of a Sonata for clarinet and piano

Singularity Songs (string quartet no. 2)

Six Portraits in Flowing Time for flute, viola and harp

Gestos inútiles for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Last Breaths (chamber version) for baritone, bass clarinet, trumpet and trombone

Five for Four for four trombones

Hymnodies for the Contemplation of Terrifying Mysteries for chamber orchestra/large ensemble

Childhood for piano four hands or two pianos

Musica Concertata for violin and chamber orchestra

Towards Golgotha for SATB soloists and chamber orchestra/large ensemble

Tango Variations for violin and chamber orchestra

Los Conquistadores for orchestra

Fanfares for wind ensemble

Ritornello for chamber orchestra/large ensemble

A Kind of Standoff for piano and percussion quintet

Chamber Symphony: Illusory Airs for large ensemble/chamber orchestra

Kaddish:Passio:Rothko for solo alto, male narrator, chorus (SATB) and orchestra

Colorfields for orchestra

Symphony: Cancionero Mudo for orchestra

Sacred Cows for solo female voice, solo male voice, three backup singers and large ensemble

Absolute Music for trombone and orchestra

Symphony: Savage Howls for large wind ensemble

Hesychasmos for large ensemble or chamber orchestra

Cancionero amoroso for a capella chorus (SSAATTBB)

A Shelter that Filters the Sun for orchestra

Alap for large ensemble or chamber orchestra

Ráfagas de baile (Concerto for Orchestra)

Lincoln for chorus and electric guitar

Hymni for chorus, piano and percussion

Chamber Symphony: Obsessioneering (Symphony no. 4) for chamber orchestra or large ensemble

Orfei Mors for cello and orchestra/chamber orchestra/large ensemble

Till Human Voices Wake Us (string quartet no. 3)

Last Breaths for baritone and wind ensemble