Six Portraits in Flowing Time

Commissioned by Janus Trio. Composed in September, 2013 in Alexandria, Virginia.
Duration: approx. 12 minutes
 Premiered ByTrio Kavak at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York, NY in October, 2015.
Six Portraits in Flowing Time is a suite of little pieces in which I aim to paint a picture of my family by
using the letters in each of my children’s and my wife’s (as well as, briefly, my own) names to generate
musical material. The first piece, “Album Pages,” is a family portrait, of sorts, as well as a meditation
on the accelerating experience of passing time. “She Finds Her Voice” is a portrait of my youngest
child, Elena, who teaches me strength and courage every day. “Giggles” is inspired by my oldest
child’s, Olivia, infectious laugh. “Bridal Song” is a gentle, still portrait of my wife, Sharon, while “The
Little Risk Taker” is, once again, a portrait of Elena, although, this time, at a younger age. Finally, “A
Song Before the End” is a gentle portrait of Olivia’s more introverted moments, although Elena and
Sharon peek through before the end.
Six Portraits in Flowing Time was written at the behest of Amanda Baker and the Janus Trio for a
project curated by Carl Schimmel on the theme of parenthood. It was written in September, 2013 in
Alexandria, Virginia.