Two Instrumentations:
“Dutch” Version:
            Flute (doubles bass flute and piccolo), Amplified recorder (doubles sopranino and bass recorder), Amplified flugelhorn, piano.
      “American” Version:
             Flute (doubles piccolo), Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Violin, Cello, Piano
Original Version (2010) Commissioned by Hexnut, Ned McGowan, director.
Dutch version premiered by Hexnut at the Badcuyp, Amsterdam, January, 2011. American Version (2012) realized for Great Noise
Ensemble, and premiered at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC, in May, 2013.
Texts from the “Prado Manuscript” of Los Caprichos by Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1799). Translated
by Armando Bayolo.
I. [Frontispiece]
Francisco Goya y Lucientes, painter. (NB. This could conceivably also read, in the musical performance:
“Armando Bayolo Alonso, composer.”)
II. El de la rollona (The Mama’s Boy)
Negligence, tolerance and coddling makes children avaricious, obstinate, petty, gluttonous, lazy and
insufferable. They grow up and they remain children still. Such is the mama’s boy.
III. Que viene el coco (Here Comes the Boogey Man)
Making a child fear the boogey man more than his father an forcing him to fear that which doesn’t exist.
IV. El sueño de la razón produce monstrous (The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters)
Fantasy without reason produces impossible monsters; joined with her it is the mother of the arts and the
origin of its marvels.
V. Las rinde el sueño (They’re Overcome with Sleep)
Don’t wake them! Sleep is perhaps the only happiness of the unfortunate.
VI. Duendecitos (Little Hobgoblins)
This is another people: happy, playful, helpful; somewhat gluttonous and fans of a rough time, but very
good little men.
VII. Si amanece nos vamos (If the Sun Rises, We’re Leaving)
Even if you hadn’t come, we wouldn’t have needed you…
VIII. Ya es hora (It’s Time!)
After sunrise they each flee each to each, witches, goblins and ghosts. It’s a good thing that they don’t let
themselves be seen except at night and in the dark! No one has been able to figure out where they hold
themselves and hide during the day. Whoever could catch a bunch of goblins and lock them in a cage at
10:00 a.m. in the Puerta del Sol would be set for life.